Useful links

This is my physician's home page. Dr. Myers, a medical oncologist, is former Chief of Clinical Pharmacology at the National Cancer Institute. He now has his own clinic specializing in the treatment of men with prostate disease. His web page and newsletter contain recent research and nutrition guides for prostate cancer patients and those wishing to live a healthful life.

A very good web page that looks at cancer humanely and from the patient's point of view. Click on the Foreword to the book; also visit the "War Room."

A web page written with empathy for the layperson; it contains much useful information in the form of articles, first-person accounts, and links to other sources.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the source for major funding and research against prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute publishes peer-to-peer articles by and for physicians and well-read laypersons.

A list of links of prostate cancer support groups that includes Man to Man and Us TOO, International, Inc.

One of the better reference pages, in my view, on the web; it is full of links to thought-provoking articles.

And one of my favorites for reading:

Don Cooley's web page. Full of links and information from the time a man discovers he has prostate cancer to the choices for treatment.

Dr. Catalona is a highly regarded urological surgeon and researcher.