Ann and I returned today from visits to the medical oncologist and the radiation oncologist.

Both of my cancers are in remission.

Note: The point of this entire exercise is to remove as many cancer cells as possible and then control what remains. In my case, I started with surgery; others, with appropriate advice, may choose some other method. I then followed with radiation therapy to treat a lymph node and an area near where the surgery was performed, called the "prostatic fossa." At the same time, I took and continue to take Celebrex because evidence indicates (1) it may enhance radiation thereapy, and (2) it has an independent effect upon prostate cancer. Third, I followed with what is called a "triple androgen blockade," which may kill much of the prostate cancer cells that remain. When this regimen is completed, I hope to control the whatever cancer cells may remain with a few pharmaceuticals, diet, and lifestyle changes. This is called remission.

Whatever means you choose, choose wisely.

I will, of course, continue to have the appropriate tests done at the appropriate times.

Get your PSA test and have a colonoscopy performed. They're simple.

Please do not risk going through what happened to me.


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