Part 5

More searching

I called a well-known urological surgeon, and I also corresponded with him by email. I asked him to recommend someone really, really good.

This time I want a medical oncologist, or someone who specializes in treating cancer. I am referred to a physician at The Big Hospital who has an Ivy League med-school degree. Makes sense to me. I mean, you would want to go to The Big Hospital too, wouldn’t you? I have a solution! This is January 13, 2004. My PSA is 2.5, and the tumor mass in my lymph node is approximately 3 cm. Could be much worse.

Three appointments later I find that “this dog don’t bark” either. He is incredibly intelligent, and he knows a lot of research, but he talks down to me from Mt. Olympus and has learned to “always say ‘no.’” He has developed a standard protocol that protects him from lawsuits, and will go no further. Appointments are limited to 15 minutes, and as that time approaches you can tell he is impatient. I get no help, and he answers none of my questions. He thinks I’m a smart aleck, and I think he’s a pompous ass. This is in the spring of 2004. Leaving him behind, I start looking elsewhere. After the last appointment, I'm almost in tears from frustration.

This is where it gets really good.

Finally! An end to the search:

If you need to know the facts about prostate cancer, and read in layman’s terms about all of the latest research, make this a prominent bookmark on your homepage and read everything on this website. Also, subscribe to the newsletter; I do.

This is my doctor--Dr. Charles Myers. He also has prostate cancer, and he is in remission. His PSA is less than 0.01. This is what I want.

In Part 6 I learn a very important rule.

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